We are Central and Eastern European research, consultancy and legal firm.

Public Policy Advisory  

  Research & Innovation   

Management Consulting

   Legal Advisory  

Smart Continent offers its clients (EU, National and Regional Governments and Public Authorities) a reliable and objective policy planning and assessment services basing on a wide range of quantitative as well as qualitative research methods.


Smart Continent performs applied research in socio-economic and techno-economics. Smart Continent constantly provides ideas and develops proposals for research projects in various research programs (7th Framework programme, Horizon 2020).


Smart Continent helps companies to reach decisions that guarantee business success. Our project managers support organisations to ensure standards are being adopted and help provide a comfortable transition when deploying new processes, practices or products.


Our lawyers are known  for its specialization in public procurements where it has gained exceptional experience in consulting and representing of projects implementors, and in providing legal services to local government institutions and authorities.